Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shining a Light on Evil Fishing

In an effort to help save many of the lighthouses across the country, the federal government is encouraging non-profit organizations to apply to help pick up the cost of preservation. The non-profit would then be responsible for the upkeep and running of the historic light houses. See here for a link to the full story.

Excellent idea! One can see the non-profits educating the public about maritime shipping history, the use of light-houses before GPS, the local impact a light-house would have on a community and the unique architecture of these vanishing landmarks.

One group has already applied: PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to turn the Grand Haven Lighthouse, in Michigan, into its headquarters to educate the public about the evils of fishing and eating fish.

"We want to renovate the Grand Haven lights as a memorial to the billions of fish killed annually by sport fishermen, as well as for their flesh (commercial fishing industry)," said Lindsey Rajt, manager of PETA's campaigns department. "We also want to make it a fun and educational place."

Signs would likely announce the lighthouse as home of PETA's Fish Empathy Center.

Because... memorials to the eating of flesh are always fun and educational. Maybe when you take your kids to the PETA Fish Flesh Memorial, they will recieve a free comic book published by the non-profit:

Let me shine some light on the “EVIL” fishing (and hunting) industry in Michigan:
  • Sportsmen (and women) spend $3.4 BILLION each year in Michigan.

  • It supports 46,000 Jobs; $1.7 Billion in Salaries

  • Provides $278 million in state and local tax revenue

  • Has a $5.9 Billion ripple effect on the economy.

  • There are 1.07 million anglers in Michigan.

  • Anglers spend $2 billion alone.

  • Sportsmen support more jobs than the University of Michigan in the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor.
And this is just the sport fishing industry, commercial fishing adds even more.

How exactly does PETA support the economy? They don’t. They destroy it.

That’s the whole point.


Halster said...

You missed one point
*Fish are tasty MMMM, MMMMM
and they go well with beer so i guess thats two points but whos countingund

Anonymous said...

That's a hoot! Those PETA folks would crack me up if they weren't so dangerous. Wackos like them are changing politics and laying the groundwork for the destruction of many of our freedoms.