Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fishing was fine...Catching sucked

I'm back from vacation and trying to catch up is always a pain. The grass needs cutting and watering and there is a small tree in my back yard where there wasn't one before. (I wasn't gone THAT long). We arrived home to find a few spiders squatting in the windows. Plus the cat is mad.

My work email had more than 100 messages. Luckily none were unsolicited messages from the White House. (Are things that tough that the White House is resorting to spamming?)

I already miss vacation: the lapping of the waves against the side of the boat, the call of the loon on a foggy August morning, the silent flight of the Eagle as it circles the lake and dives to catch his breakfast, that NO SIGNAL response from my iPhone even when standing on the roof of the boat house, that simple pleasure of having enough time to read 1-1/2 books (Alas, Babylon and Death Mask) while the fishing pole is perched lazily in the crevice next to your big toe as you drift slowly across the lake at sunset. And of course seeing my wife get up on water skis for the first time.

We spent the week about 45 minutes north of Standish, Michigan. You may have heard that Standish is offering to take the terrorist prisoners from Gitmo. The Standish Correctional Facility is scheduled to close and 300 people will lose their jobs, but Governor Jenny "not in my back yard" Granholm is not being a good party member and said she would rather take California prisoners. She has no problem taking Canadian trash though.

The video I took of Congressman John Dingell telling a very irate crowd that there is only so much Congress can do about Tort Reform (a major reason why health costs are so high) gathered almost 10,000 hits. Not quite the doped-up kid coming from the dentist level, but for this little blogger, it's my personal 15 minutes of fame. Too bad they didn't link to my blog and helped drive traffic here (which you can do by the way).

As I wrote earlier, someone from has been reading The Hippo's Ass (which is more than I can say for some of my friends); now I find out that I've had some hits from has as well. I wonder if anyone reported me to

Oh..and my mother, who is in her sixties, works part-time, lives pay check to pay check and has to go to AARP to get a discount on the preparation of her taxes (which she pays every year unlike some people in the new administration) is getting audited by the Federal Government.

...just a coincidence right?

The government water project here in Dearborn that is over budget and behind schedule is having additional problems. Who didn't see THAT one coming? Speaker Pelosi is upset over the depiction of the President as Hitler saying that town hall protesters are taking the Nazi imagery too far..

Can't quite figure out what she is talking about, seems like dehumanizing your opposition is SOP for radicals and dissenters....I saw this one just last night on season one of True Blood:

All Animals are equal; Some Animals are more equal than others.

Meanwhile, I have till September 3rd to decide who I want to draft in my Fantasy Football league. Last year I came in dead last. Maybe I should draft Michael Vick? And why the heck is Buffalo Wild Wings called BW3? Where is the missing W?

Oh..and there is this ditty from our friends in Canada. Canada's Top Doc says their Government Health Care isn't doing so well. Who didn't see THAT one coming? Shh....don't tell Michael Moore.

Right now the boat is parked in the driveway, the fishing poles are put away, the luggage is unpacked and our last bit of food splurging is completed; back to the Wii Active routine this week. The cat isn't mad anymore; amazing what a little Friskies Deluxe will do. Meanwhile, post offices may close on Saturdays, a sugar shortfall will cause the price of ethanol to rise, and Fake Doctors are infiltrating town halls in support of Government Run Health Care.

Is it time for a vacation yet?

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