Sunday, August 30, 2009

Magic Poop Collector

Now that I have your attention....

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing was on WJR this morning. He reported that on Saturday, fifty bus drivers called in sick. Mayor Bing has been contemplating cutting bus service in Detroit to save money. Detroit may be weeks away from declaring bankruptcy. Bing noted that even with the drivers calling in sick, they were still able to operate the buses efficiently. Guess he now knows who needs to be laid off, huh?

Simply unbelievable...Don't try this at home.

Democrat Charles Rangel Chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee "misreported" his claimed income the past few years by as much as $780,000. I know I'm pretty excited when I find a dollar in my jeans, Rep Rangel must have been overjoyed!

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property

If you are like me, having your own little corner of green earth to call your home is just about the best feeling in the world. Owning your own piece of land is a dream many of us share. If you don't, then that's OK as well. To each their own.
But the Washington Examiner has an article about a new Government funded study that shows the evils of the "One House, One Property" dream:


The Washington Examiner writes:

Why would living in "denser environments" be better? Well, for you and your family, it wouldn't be, but it would be for Smart Growth progressives in and out of government because it would be so much easier for them to control how you and your family live.

Why? Well, just to take the first example that comes to mind: Instead of relying upon a private car that can take you wherever you decide to go, you will have to use government-owned mass transit that only takes you where the government thinks you should be able to go.

And without independent mobility, you won't have nearly as much freedom to do things, like send your kids to a school you prefer instead of the government school closest to your high rise.

Also, you probably will have to get a job working at one of those massive bureaucratic institutions that thrive in the close-in urban sky scraper environment. So your future economic opportunities will be much more limited than they are now
You knew it was coming, right?

No War for Neodymium

The Prius is hyped as the answer to America's "Addiction to Oil" and will probably single handily save the Earth or something. Turns out while you were going cold turkey on the oil, you became addicted to rare earth metals. The addiction has gotten so bad, they expect a shortage. Nice. But the Prius makes you feel better so everything is OK, right? It will fit into the small parking space you will be allotted in the new urban centers of living, but make sure you pay your taxes unlike Rep. Charles Rangel, because for the rest of us, there are consequences.

And don't forget to pick up your dog poop.

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