Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Double Secret Town Hall Meeting

I find this pretty interesting.

Congressman John Dingell is holding a Town Hall on Health Care, tonight in Romulus Michigan. Dingell represents the 15th Congressional District where I make my home and pay my taxes.

Health Care is the single biggest issue on the minds of Americans (we are told) so having my elected representative hear from his constituents must be a good thing.

The funny thing is I didn’t hear a word about it until yesterday.

I checked my email inbox to see if I missed reading the Congressman Dingell’s newsletter. Even though I didn’t vote for him, I still subscribe to the newsletter just to keep up on how he is representing me. There was nothing there. Maybe he found out I’m a libertarian and deleted me from his email list.

Then I went straight to the source: John Dingell’s Congressional Web site. After an exhaustive search on the site, I couldn’t find one reference to a scheduled Town Hall Meeting in Romulus. Google has a nice advanced search engine where you can search whole domains. After a little more double checking, still nothing.

It was time to do a little internet surfing. had an action alert. This is obviously a conservative web site so I doubt Congressman Dingell would promote his meeting there. The Tea Party of Western Michigan also had a notice. The Michigan Liberal's web site had their own alert, claiming that right wing operatives were planning to disrupt the meeting. They referenced a Facebook group that has all of three members.

The The Ann Arbor Chronicle had a notice. Ok, that’s one. We all know which way the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor leans. Surely Congressman Dingell would have promoted this very important meeting more, to get as many diverse opinions as possible. I checked the two major newspapers in Detroit, the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press. Neither one had a notice.

How can this be? The majority of Americans (or at least people living in the States) support a Government controlled health care system (so we are told). So why be secretive about a town hall meeting? Only one public notice about the event? Dingell is a co-author of the darn bill! Could it be Congressman Dingell is a little apprehensive after seeing how common everyday citizens are standing up across this country to voice their concerns over a growing government and socialized health care? Nah…

I will be at the event tonight. Judging from the lack of advanced notice this Town Hall on Health Care had, I expect a very low turn out. Still I have to wonder, if there are people there, who will they be and who invited them?


Just as I was posting this, there was FINALLY an article on the The Detroit Free Press . Here is the kicker...they called out the cops. Three uniformed officers will be on hand. Liberal blogs have been bemoaning the uprising of citizens in response to their dear leaders Health Care Plan asking why we can't have a civil discussion about it. Here is an example of their idea of civil discussion:

Or maybe this?

Barbara Boxer called the citizens too well dressed to be sincere. Some are calling them Brooks Brothers mobs. These people are so out of touch its not even funny. People are upset that both Democrats AND Republicans are running amok in Washington. When liberals protest Iraq or a sitting President, it's called Grassroots. When common everyday people get fed up with politicians and their obsence spending, its called Astroturf and is dismissed. Linda Douglass, Communications Director for the White House’s Health Reform Office just this week asked all citizens to report any “fishy” talk, emails or websites to the White House so they can investigate any “disinformation” about healthcare.

I'll be there tonight (in my Brooks Brothers shirt and pants) and let you know more tomorrow. Then its off on vacation for me.

Oh..and I'll save you some time: here is the website where you can report me Have at it.

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