Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Detroit Mugger Critical After Victim Shoots Back; Great Britain Crime Rates Sky Rocket

Detroit mugger critical after victim with CCW shoots back.

17 year old pulls a gun on a 32 year old man in an armed robbery attempt.
32 year old victim has a MCPL (Michigan Concealed Pistol License) and responds accordingly.
17 year old thug gets the surprise of his life as he ends up critically injured.

This situation happens more than its being reported. If a gunman fires in a restaurant or workplace, its all over the news. When a citizens defends his life by shooting his attacker, the story is either buried or not reported at all. If it is reported, the use of the gun is typically not mentioned. Nice that the Detroit Free Press finally printed a story like this that wasn't slanted toward the criminal being the victim.

Score one for the good guys.

England is typically held up as the example of what a civilized society can do if it enacts strict gun control through the government. We are told that hardly anyone owns a handgun anymore, and while shotguns and rifles are allowed, they are strictly regulated and controlled and are for hunting or sport only.

Now the Daily Mail comes along and tells us that in Great Britain, Gun crime is up by more than half and there are more than 100 serious knife crimes each day, with fatal stabbings having reached the highest level on record. 'The culture of violence that was a feature of U.S. cities a generation ago is now a feature of British cities.'

Those big bad knives...maybe they need strict control over knife ownership as well. Sounds unreasonable? Maybe not... In response to the high rate of crimes committed with knives, the government is now looking at curbing the use of knives. There is even a knife amnesty program:

And this creative PSA lets you "choose your own adventure": Take the knife or don't take the knife. Make a choice and follow through...

Essentially what England has done is disarm its citizens and left them to the mercy of the criminal element. Now they need to educate their citizens about the evils of knife ownership. This has even lead to the invention of a knife that you can't use for stabbing:

Wouldn't it have just been easier to let people have the freedom to defend themselves?

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The Husband said...

I picked the most violent options in the youtube "Choose your own ending" video. Does that make me a criminal?