Thursday, August 06, 2009

Congressman Dingell Gets An Earfull

Well, it turns out more people knew about Congressman John Dingell's Town Hall Meeting on Health Care that I thought. Nearly 600 people showed up to protest against the bill he co-authored. Strange really, because the event was never publicized. They heard through word of mouth. How is THAT for organizing huh?

The meeting was so packed they had to hold TWO of them. I was lucky enough to get into the second one and took this video. I'll write more later, but as you can see from these videos, Congressman Dingell's constituents are not a bunch of happy campers.

Oh..and by the way, these people were PISSED that the liberal blogs and media were refering to them as shills or paid operatives of the insurance companies. These are everyday people who are fed up with the way Government is treating them.

I was expecting a bigger turnout from the Ann Arbor crowd. Starbucks must have been giving away free WiFi or something. The Audience WAS stacked by the way, the front rows were mostly made up of Dingell supporters. Funny how many of them were never outside waiting in line like the rest of us peasants. There were numerous policemen, ambulances and only one News Station came to cover the event. The only person they appeared to tape was the one lone Lyndon LaRouche supporter holding an Obama as Hitler sign.

Debbie Dingell tried to talk to the crowd but looked very overwhelmed at the size of the crowd. Things are always a big strange outside the bubble they live in.

I think, after all was said and done, Congressman Dingell got the point that his voters were not happy. Fat lot of good it will do. As Congressman Dingell said at one point, when referring to his constituents, "you just don't know". Typical politician, thinking its up to them to edumacate us backwoods hicks who don't know any better when Government wants to take over our lives.

I have news for you, Mr. Dingell. We know. We know all too well.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful you taped all of this. Thank you!

christmasghost said...

Excellent job! Nice blog you have here.....