Friday, September 18, 2009

TODAY Show Runs Out of Quality People to Interview

We've been wondering why NBC has devoted hardly anytime to the snowballing scandal surrounding ACORN.  What could be preventing them from covering one of the hottest topics in the past seven days?

Well, Thursday morning, police in Connecticut were sitting outside the apartment of Raymond Clark, III, getting ready to arrest him for the murder of Annie Le, the young Yale graduate student who dissapeared a week ago.  Her body was found inside a wall in the research laboratory where she worked.

NBC's Today Show, with Meredith Vieira, was right there to bring us the latest with this exclusive interview of a neighbor, er... ex-neighbor. Their crack research staff, obviously pulled off the ACORN investigation, pulled out all the stops to get the exclusive to this first hand report "inside the mind of Raymond Clark, III"

An exclusive into the mind of a killer...?  Ann Marie Goodwin knows, cause eyes are the window to a person's soul...or something.  Well, he owned 2 pit bulls...who yelped all day.   And he didn't like the apartment.  This was the best TODAY could come up with? An Ex-Neighbor? The look on Meridith's face at the end of this interview is truly a classic. 

Meanwhile, the near media blackout of coverage on ACORN continued.

Except on Twitter.  #acorn was a trending topic the past two days, beaten only by such earth-shattering  topics as #kaynewest, #jackass (which is code for Kanye West) and #happybirthdaynick, who I find out later was not for Nick Lachey, but for Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.  Imagine MY embarrassment....

Yesterday afternoon the Republicans slipped the Defund ACORN Act into the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009, which passed 345 - 75.  All 75 nay votes were Democrats, including Detroit's own Momma Kilpatrick herself, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick from Michigan's 13th District.

Momma Kilpatrick's son Kwame Kilpatrick, the former Mayor of Detroit, who pled guilty to two felonies, was removed from office and served jail time. He now makes $10,000 a month in Texas working for a Compuware subsidiary, lives in  a monster house, drives a Cadillac Escalade and owes the City of Detroit $6,000 a month till he pays off the $1 million he cost the city.  He recently petitioned the courts to drop his payment to $6 a month.  I   KID    YOU   NOT! 

Just an FYI for any young reporters out there looking for something to do...Detroit has a local ACORN Chapter.

Just saying.
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