Monday, September 21, 2009

Deception Not En-Dearing

 Jai-Lee Dearing, Candidate for Detroit City Council, tried to defy the laws of physics by being in two different locations at the same time. (I think it’s physics…the only thing I know about physics is from watching Star Trek)

The Detroit Free Press was conducting a live chat with council candidates and on Thursday it was Dearings turn. Except that at the time, he was appearing live on WCHB with two other candidates.

When challenged in the chat, the Fake Jai-Lee Dearing wrote:  “I have a member of my staff in the studio typing for me and I am approving these answers before they come to you”

Except that he wasn’t.

The “chat” was being conducted by Mike Carroll, Dearing’s campaign manager.  The hosts of the program he was on confirmed to the Free Press that no notes were passed to the candidate.

Not the first time Dearing has had some controversy during his campaign.  According to the Detroit News:
Dearing, who is waging his third run for council, stumbled twice last month over fliers. Days after the primary, he had to disavow one that featured scantily-clad women. Later, he caught flack for another that listed endorsements from notables such as the Rev. Horace Sheffield III who hadn't given their support.
This upcoming election is very important to the citizens of Detroit.  As a tax payer to the city who is not allowed to vote due to taxation without representation, I would love to be able to help choose the future leaders of the city.  Unfortunately I cannot.  Detroiters can and need to be wary of who they vote for.

If they are looking for change, a candidate that endeavors to deceive is not change: its just another Kwame Kilpatrick or Monica Conyers.
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