Thursday, September 24, 2009

Owner Strips Foreclosed Home: Blames Bank for Loan

Evil Mortgage Lender Mr. Potter

We are not exactly sure what is going on with the producers over at NBC News and the TODAY Show, but the quality of people they are digging up for their news and interview segments has certainly been lacking. Last week, ignoring the whole ACORN scandal, they were only able to dig up a former neighbor, when police arrested accused murderer Raymond Clark, III. You can see the clip HERE.

Yesterday, The TODAY Show featured a segment detailing the latest “trend”: people in foreclosed homes are stripping them bare and selling the contents before turning the property over to the banks, going so far as even selling the toilets for $20.

In this video clip, NBC Reporter Kerry Sanders is talking with Zorene Brodek (sp?) who justifies her actions: (the key section is at 1:08)

Sanders: What about the banks?
Foreclosed Homeowner: Well, It’s their tough luck. They (the bank) are the ones who gave me a loan that was really ridiculous in the first place, so they are stuck with it.
Really, Ms. Foreclosed Former Homeowner? The bank held a gun to your head and made you get a loan? They are the ones that are responsible for you not investigating what you were getting yourself into? Did they hold one of your relatives hostage so you’d sign the loan?

I’m not sure what the situation was that caused Ms. Foreclosed Former Homeowner to stop making her payments to the bank. Maybe it was a lost job; maybe it was a personal illness. Regardless, blaming the bank for your inability to make payments smacks of personal entitlement. And for NBC News to just let her statement hang there, solidifying the notion that “Evil Mortgage Lenders” are behind the whole mortgage crisis is beyond irresponsible.

And thus the Age of Personal Responsibility comes to a close, not with a bang, but with mighty whining and snooty indignation to a reporter from NBC News.

Nothing is your fault anymore, Americans.

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