Thursday, September 03, 2009

Musings on Michigan

I really miss reading Bob Talbert in the Free Press. Bob had a great love for everything Michigan. While he was mostly optimistic about much of the things that go on in this state, he was also very subtle in his criticisms, a skill I need to learn. You too?

Bon App├ętit's September issue ranks Detroit's own Faygo Root Beer No. 1 in a tasting of at least six brands from around the country. The magazine describes it as "dry and crisp, with a frothy head, a good bite and a long finish." (Go on...say it....)

While Faygo is owned by an out-of-state corporation, it’s still nice to see a uniquely Detroit brand get noticed. Since I had my heart valve surgery, I’ve had to give up drinking beer and cut my caffeine content down. (I’m still working on the caffeine thing). As a result, I’ve taken a big liking to root beer. The sugar used most of the time comes from cane sugar and it’s typically caffeine free. Drinking it out of a glass bottle always tastes much better than plastic. Now I hear bars are starting to get a lot of requests for the different varieties.

Staycations are all the rage in news reports. Not like it’s really a new thing. I know many family members and friends that have been enjoying the wonders of Michigan all of their lives. My family in particular has been doing this for 50 years…AT THE SAME LAKE. The Pure Michigan spots are wonderful; however, there is only one spot that mentions “Gone Fishing” and nothing that touts the great hunting and fishing in this state. There is even a spot for the CASINOS. Maybe they just haven't gotten around to it yet...

Flying Carp are inching their way closer to Lake Michigan. An electric weir is all that is holding this invasive species from the Great Lakes. What happens if there is a serious power outage? And tell me why again there isn’t an open season on these fish? In the words of the Emperor: Wipe them out...all of them.

Nice seeing eagles flying in the air. It’s become something I expect each year when I head up to the lake we frequent. There is an over abundance of trout in streams, ducks in the air, deer in the fields and walleye in the lakes. Next time you see someone with a Ducks Unlimited or Trout Unlimited sticker on their vehicle, or someone buying a fishing or hunting license... thank them. Their contributions to conservation clubs and programs helped make this possible. The Michigan Wild Turkey Federation nearly single handily snatched the wild turkeys from the brink of extinction here in Michigan.

It’s exciting to see all the fired up citizens at these local town hall meetings. There is the old saying, “If you are not angry, you aren’t paying attention”. But enough with the Nazi rhetoric from both sides, O.K.? Call someone a Federalist or even a Socialist for all I care, but to compare anyone to Hitler or a brown shirt is just forcing people to ignore your message. That and biting the finger off of someone you disagree with. Seriously...

Fall is in the air. I know it’s hard to accept for some of you, but it is. I’m never that comfortable in shorts anyway, I prefer a good pair of Levi jeans any day. I seriously LOVE Fall: Fall fishing, Fall hunting, the Franklin Cider Mill, the shade of yellow the sun casts on buildings, trees and water-filled clouds at dusk. Alas it's way too short. Not living out in the country anymore I miss the smell of burning leaves.

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