Friday, September 25, 2009

An Inconvenient Friday: Stupid Hypocrisy, Windmills and Steve McNair

The new "green" movie, The Age of Stupid, attacks the idea of flying in airplanes because the producers believe it is harmful for the environment. Guess how most of the promoters and producers of this film arrived at the Manhattan premiere? The answer is wonderfully provided in this video featuring Phelim McAleer who also posted his commentary at Big Hollywood:

Tilting at Windmills

Every two years, Michigan Governor Jenny Granholm comes up with an idea that she hopes will kick start the state's economy since the auto business went bust. A while ago it was the New Technology State, next was The Raise Taxes State, then it was the Canada's Garbage Dump State. Now its The Windmill State..or something, who knows.  She is proposing putting these monstrosities in Saginaw Bay and in the Thumb Region of the state. Yeah, I want one of these in my backyard.

Crossing the Line for Halloween?

On second thought, maybe creating a Halloween scene that reenacts Steve McNair's murder scene WASN'T such a great idea

 From  A spokesperson for Kings Island, Don Helbig, said the following,

"There will not be a scene at our Halloween event that features Steve McNair or anyone that resembles him."
With video and pictures of the skeletons circulating online, Helbig at first declined to acknowledge that they had ever existed. "There was no reference to Steve McNair at all. No jersey, nothing." Upon being informed that the pictures and video were already online, Helbig again insisted that the skeletons would not be featured on Friday when the event opens. Pressed as to when the skeletons were removed from the park, Helbig stuck to his talking points. "Our event does not open until Friday," he said, "We meant him no disrespect."
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