Monday, September 28, 2009

Media Blackout on NEA Scandal Continues

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It’s been five days since questions were raised about the White House’s apparent desire to create a Department of  Propaganda  by leveraging  Government funding for the NEA to create art that will push the administration’s agenda for Health Care.

A cursory search on CNN and MSNBC’s website show no stories about this by either “news” organizations. ABC and CBS both did one story about the scandal, but nothing since Yoshi Sergent, one of the key players in the conference call, resigned late last week from the White House.

Other news organizations that trumped the Most Trusted Name in News  and… I don’t know what MSNBC’s cute name is:
  • The Washington Times
  • Associated Press (which by the looks of it, no one else picked up on)
  • Washington Post
  • Pajamas Media
  • The Insurance News Net 
  • And 37 blogs
Are you fraking kidding me?!?!? 

Thirty seven blogs have covered this story and and MSNBC have YET to write ONE article?  I mean I’d expect the obligatory “Attack on the Arts by Right Wing Conservatives” slant article by now.

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