Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Other Cheek

Last week's top league scorer was Thong Song who nearly beat Pigs in Space by only using three players and scoring 155.5 points. Thong Song then threw in the rest of the team for good measure. It's sad when you score 133 in a game and still lose. Thong Song takes home the weekly $10 prize.

The Dirty Diapers, after leaving a load all over the upper deck of their opponent last week, ended up laying a messy one, losing to the Loonies on the Grass 74.5 to 96, and winning the Hippo's Ass Award for the week.

Other scores from around the league:

Darth Portnoy's Revenge 96
Luke SkyAuger Allstars 107
(Eli Manning finally decided to play ball this week. Unfortunately, he was on the bench)

SuperBowel Movement 140
Ronnie Rayguns 113.5
(Ben tried to set his spam blaster to kill, but Chris was far superior by overwhelming RR team website with a deluge of email directing everyone to the evattblog)

Beastie Tool of Rage 78
Poker Dawgs 122
(Apparently the lap dance from the Bride jumpstarted the Dawgs this week. Unfortunately, the Dawgs owner isn't the Groom.)

Monster Squid Finally Photographed

Scientists have finally caught on film a photo of a Giant Squid. Apparently, in addition to being a monster of the depth, these giants of the sea can also shoot red laser beams.

Sushi Restaurants around the globe rejoiced at the sight of the monster surume-ika. Godzilla was not available for comment.


I figure this is a good place to make my LOST observations. Yes, that WAS a logo or emblem on the tail of the Shark. A similar logo can be seen on Desmond's jumpsuit and on the containers of food in the pantry. Hmmmm Apollo bars. (Not the best screen shot, but its the only one I could find. The Logo is right here #)

Last night's episode was ok, but they should have made this and the season premiere into a two hour premiere. And what exactly did one snowman say to the other snowman?

Inviso text Answer: Do you smell carrots?


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Chris said...

dude, I totally mised the logo on el sharko. I have a question for Dr. Gary.
Dear Dr. Gary,
I have a constant fear of being asked to count backwards from 10 everytime I see a couple of my friends. I'm afraid because of a story I heard about what one of them said about a love making tool in his "backseat", and I'm afraid of the other one because he keeps speaking of a trifecta. Is this behavior of my friends normal male behavior, and should I be concerened that they may try to make me feel very sleepy?

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