Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Format!

The Hippo's Ass is now going daily. Check back every day ( or so) to read your favorite articles. All of your favorites will still be here: The Other Cheek, A Kessler's Moment, Ask Dr. Gary (really written by Dr. Gary this time), Refridgerator Magnet Item of the Week, Joe Van Greek Picks of the week and Double Coupon Day for Mayo and Ranch Dressing and of course our Top Story of the Week. Now you don't have to wait all week to get the latest news, commentary or laughs from Ben's Best Man speech. (seriously..."The Government does not solve problems, it subidizes them. How Romantic.)

Plus...send us your favorite Hippo's Ass photo and win the Hippo's Ass Photo of the Week Award. THe Hippo's Ass isn't just the rear end of a large nearly hairless mammel, its a state of mind. Its the old girlfriend who shows up at the wedding pregnant, its thetender moment between a man and his bottle of Ranch Dressing. Its like Rain on your wedding day or a free ride when you are already late.

Tune in tomorrow fair reader...same Hippo's Ass time, Same Hippo's Ass Station.

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