Monday, October 17, 2005

Enough is Enough!

Super Lucky Crazy Monkey #8 says…

What is with the Hippo’s Ass Blog? No updates for more than a week? Super Lucky Crazy Monkey #8 says enough! I have taken control of the HA Blog and will bend it to my will. HA HA!!

Can you really trust a guy with an 0 – 6 record. C’mon really? Super Lucky Crazy Monkey #8 says No! Can a person come back after posting at least 5 loses? I don’t think so. That’s’ like Sylvester Stalone coming back for a 6th Rocky movie. Its just doesn’t happen.

Meanwhile, the once Mediocre Darth Portnoy’s Revenge filed for Bankruptcy this week, just a few days after announcing lucrative bonuses for its upper management. But Magangement does have its supporters, as this Free Press Letter writer opines:

I am sick of listening to people complain about how much people in Delphi’s management make. They are paid salaries comparable to others at their level. Someone who makes $27 an hour to turn a screw is way overpaid and is leading to the destruction of the auto industry. Other manual laborers make nothing close to $27 an hour. The sooner more auto companies -- i.e., GM and Ford -- file for bankruptcy and reduce labor costs, the sooner Michigan's economy can begin to heal. (Actual Letter)

Signed, An Ayn Rand Groupie (My wording)

Ah those poor rich bastards. How will they ever afford to park Valet at Sommerset Mall when they go have cocktails and dinner at the Capital Grille. Yes, its a MALL! Not a "Collection". Super Lucky Crazy Monkey #8 says Let them eat Cake!

So, looking back at this year’s draft, was it wrong for the Team Owner Scott to draft not one, but THREE former teammates from his last year’s team? Plus he made his first pick of a Lions player. Cronyism? Unluckyness? Just pure stupidity? Scott should be promoted to picking a Supreme Court Justice. He’s as qualified as the rest.

Pigs in Training?

Super Lucky Crazy Monkey #8 has obtained photos of the training camp for Pigs in a Blanket Team Owner Brian.

Yes that's a man in a large pink pig boat.

Yes, this is going on the refrigerator. Super Lucky Crazy Monkey #8 says that joke will never grow old. In fact, Super Lucky Crazy Monkey #8 says he will market reminder magnets for all occasions:
  • Remember to turn the iron off magnet?
  • Remember to set your team line-up magnet?
  • Remember to take your birth-control pill magnet?
  • Remember to spay and neuter your cat or dog or child magnet?
  • Remember to hire Halliburton for all your big budget needs magnet? (SLCM#8 already sold this one...)


Super Lucky Crazy Monkey #8 will reveal his suprise guest to pick nexts week's losers! Hint: He was abducted by aliens, used to sing Calypso and wears a bow tie. Stumped? Super Lucky Crazy Monkey #8 says tune in tomorrow, bastards, for the answer!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a very well written and entertaining blog here. More people should read it. Especially people who like monkeys. Keep up the good work. Oh, and if you see Scott, tell him I said Hi.