Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vegan Group Attacks Hot Dogs

You know the old saying...if you knew what was in a hot dog, you'd never want to eat one.

But ignorance is bliss, right? Gotta have a nice Dearborn all beef hot dog every once in a while. They sell them in front of my local ACO Hardware store. Mustard: Not Ketchup. Now ballparks are selling Sushi at games. I love sushi...but not at baseball stadiums. Gotta have a dog.

'Course, not knowing what something is made up of can make it difficult to come to an informed decision or conclusion. Take this story about hot dogs for instance.

Hot Dogs Can Cause Cancer, Lawsuit claims

The Detroit Free Press reports that "Hot Dogs CAN cause cancer." The group in question is the American Institute for Cancer Research which on the surface appears to be some sort of cancer prevention group. They want to force hot dog makers to put warnings on their packages. All good, right?


What the Free Press neglects to report is that the group actually advocates a vegan lifestyle and is an anti-meat non-profit organization. So much for getting to the meat of the story. Secondly, the group is placing hot dogs into the same category we place smoking and want to FORCE the hot dog companies to put a warning on their labels. Are hot dogs the best food for you? No. Do the majority of Americans know this? I don't have any numbers, but I'm willing to bet the answer is yes.

If you want to go ahead and have a vegan lifestyle that's fine with me. It's still a free country. In fact, more power to you, as I'm sure that it's tough to do in this society. But I don't go around forming shadow groups so I can pressure people from eating salads or tofu. Live and let live.

Unfortunately, groups like the American Institute for Cancer Research don't care. Their agenda is to get you and everyone else to stop eating meat, one way or the other. They want to make hot dogs as unappealing as possible so no more hot dogs are purchased. But what about bologna? Summer Sausage? You get the idea.

They hide behind a fancy name that on the surface looks good, but if you really knew what it was made of, you'd try not to expose yourself to it all the time.

Kinda like Hot Dogs....

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