Thursday, July 30, 2009

All Obama, All the Time

The Federal Government Introduces the Media Stimulus Plan.

Call it what you will, but it does seem like the guy is on TV, or the radio, or in the print media every time you turn around. Time Magazine is featuring President Obama on its cover for the 12th time in 12 months. The media darling even made an appearance on the George Lopez show the other night.

All this apparently led to this interesting situation: Woman Sells TV. Reason? Obama is on all the time

For what it's worth, here is my two cents: My wife and I went to the movies the other night to see the new Harry Potter film The Half Blood Prince (one of my favorites of the whole movie series). Before the movie, before the previews, during that new section where they play five minutes of advertising, there was some montage of Michigan scenes with a song that was telling us to hang tough or something. Pictures of Kid Rock, the Joe Lewis Fist, Gov. Jenny Granholm....and President Obama.


Apparently I can't even go see Harry Potter without images of our dear leader flashing before my eyes. (Don't get me started on Gov. Granholm, I just ate lunch.) News items are one thing, promotion is another. Go on Facebook or other websites and you are bombarded with ads telling you that President Obama wants mothers to go back to school! President Obama wants to give you a free stimulus check! President Obama wants you to buy the ShamWOW! Madison Avenue (or some obscure city street in Beijing) knows the power of an image in marketing products or ideas.

But do you want your current federal officials to be just 8 x 10 glossy media campaigns? I don't want them to be rock or movie stars. I want them to do their job in upholding the Constitution, representing their constituents and defending the Republic. Our elected officials should not be a member in good standing of the cult of personality.

At least wait till they leave office. I'm still waiting patiently for my Bill Clinton SAX statue.

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