Monday, July 07, 2008

Detroit City Hall is Dirty

Yes, Detroit City Hall is dirty in more ways than one.

More than a week after an "alleged" power surge caused a fire in the basement of the Coleman A. Young Building in Detroit, employees are still not allowed back in the building.

Employees are forced to take vacation days or go without pay.

Mighty convenient. I wonder if any Members of Team Kilpatrick will go without their paycheck or be forced to take a vacation day.

Don't think so.

Meanwhile, Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy announced today that more charges are pending against the Text King Mayor of Detroit.

Then there is the Sludge Scandal that Monica (Do it Baby!) Conyers is involved in. Seems like the Majority of Detroiters like having the wool pulled over their eyes. Seems like the majority of Detroiters like having their tax money misappropriated, misspent and misused. Seems like the majority of Detroiters like having their city looted and given to Team Kilpatrick.

Not me. Not one more dime from this non-represented taxpayer. No Taxation without Representation.


About a week and a half ago I got permission from my doctor to start driving again. First thing I did? Went to the Green Brain, a comic store here in Dearborn. Plopped down $20 for An Incredible Hercules (formally the Hulk), Issue #3 of HULK (featuring Red Hulk), two issues of the X-Men and #1 of Secret Invasion, where we find out that the Skrulls have been secretly invading Earth for some time now.

I also bought an issue of Comic Book Monthly.

Not much for $20. I remember when $1 bought FIVE Comics. With $20 back then I would have been safe for nearly a half a year. Now the cost is $2.99. One of the reasons why I gave up reading comics 15 years ago.

But I'm in a Comic Book Mood nowadays. This summer is filled with Comic book goodness. In fact, just got back from the afternoon matinee of Iron Man. Honestly it is one of the best Comic adaptations I've seen. I guess everyone should have some kind of habit. I don't smoke, take drugs, buy porn (that should drive some traffic here) or drink in excess (at least the last two months). $20 a month habit for some comics should be fine.

NEXT TIME: The Final Week at Home



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