Monday, June 30, 2008

The Gastro Strikes Back

Had a small set back not to long after my last entry.

Seems like while my heart was what needed fixing, my internal "gastro" areas got jealous and needed a little attention.

When I was in the hospital the first time, a few days after my open heart surgery, I went to the bathroom, which was nothing more than than a small pull out toilet in the room with small curtain.

After what I felt was a satisfying bowel movement, I called for the nurse to help me back to my bed. Next thing I knew I was sitting in a hospital chair surrounded by white coats. My blood pressure went through the roof after the bowel movement and I fainted.

There is nothing funny about fainting after a bowel movement.

Ok..I guess there is.

Well, after a few weeks at home, and as I wrote, after my last blog entry, I started to feel a little constipated. Then a little more. Then I was gaining weight.

Then I woke up sick, with a fever and bowled over in pain. So I won a beautiful four days, three nights back in the hospital classified NBO (Nothing By Mouth) . The O means Oral.

After a good cleaning by the hospital staff I lost about ten pounds and was cleared to go home. But then I was back on a few meds which made it a little difficult to collect my thoughts.

I've been back home now two weeks and I am 15 pounds lighter than when I went in for my OHS.

In Other News: I want to thank Joe and Mike for stopping by the other week to visit for a while. And I guess I am now the Commish of the Blue Hippo Fantasy Football League.

And the FBI is investigating the Detroit City Council.

Apparently I have a lot to write about now.

NEXT TIME: Sixteen again and I have the keys to the car.


Anonymous said...

did you at least get through the clean up job before you passed out on the crapper?

Chris said...

shit! I missed this one.
You had a Super Bowel Movement. And that is downright funny!