Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mushroom Hunting and Dog Poo

Wonder how many "hits" I will get on this blog from THAT headline?

Welcome to the newest member of the "men's" fishing trip. (It's still males-only, unless Alex has something he'd like to tell us?)

Meet Jake.

Too bad Chris won't be making the trip this year. I'd like to see this dog catch more fish than him.

Jake is going to help us with the Morel hunting for our Pike Fish Fry on Saturday. I suspect that if we leave Jake tied to a popples, maples, or beech tree on Friday evening, after he does his nasty sinful business...Presto! Morels the next morning!

Now...More predicitons for this weekend's Fishing trip...

#6 Scott buys 7 new lures that are "guaranteed" to catch the most, biggest, baddest fish in the lake, but finds the only lure that works all weekend is a red worm with a gold bullet-head sinker.

#5 Planning for a dinner of Pike, the entire boat catches nothing but Catch-N-Release Bass all day. We get a call from Mark who says he heard that chopping up dog chow and frying it tastes very good...

#4 Dave shows everyone where he saw two Bass "getting it on" early in the season, only to discover it was a "Big-ums" magazine that someone dropped in the water during Mike's Bachelor Party.

Final Installment Tomorrow!

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