Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lost Eyes and Lost Poles

Welcome to our visitors looking for one eyed missing people from Poland.

The Spring Men's Fishing Trip is History. I hope everyone had a good time and we missed those of you who were unable to attend. I think it is a testament to our friendship that these trips have been going on for as long as they have.

I will be working on updating the blog this week with anecdotes and photos from the trip. If you have pictures, please email them to me and I will do my best to put them on the site...along with pictures of the Killer Lures and a Dear Abby letter that I know you will enjoy.

Chris, Mark, Joe M, Colin, Brian, Mike, Ben and Gary (and those of you who made it this Spring)...I hope you will be able to make the Fall Trip this year because...Its the 10th Anniversary of our Mens Fishing Trip.

As of right now, I am looking at Houghton Lake probably the first or second weekend of October. The first weekend of Duck Season opens around that time, so there may be some competition on the water...we'll see. Mark your calendars NOW. It WILL be one of those two weekends. Talk to the Wife. Take the Boss out to Lunch. Ditch the mistress.

I am attempting to do a large recap of all ten years of trips, but I am having a hard time remembering where we went and when. Since we did a few side excursions to fish for Walleye in Lake Erie, Salmon in Lake Michigan or summer trips to Sugar Springs, some of the trips are starting to run together. Before it completely gets lost to memory, I’d like to get them written down for posterity. Any photos you have from those trips, if you can email them, send them to me.

I only started keeping a personal journal of my fishing and hunting trips in the spring of 2002. When we first started our annual get-togethers, we only went fishing in the fall. It was on the second trip to the Pere Marquette that we started going twice a year. If I recall correctly, we went to the PM in the fall, caught nothing (this part I recall vividly), then decided that the Spring Run is much better, only to go there the next year and still not catch anything. The trouble I’m having is, I don’t remember when that was.

Not included on this list is the trip some of us made for Salmon in Lake Michigan, the Walleye trip to Lake Erie or any of the summer Sugar Springs weekends.

Working backwards, these I know for certain because they are written in my journal. So far I have:

2006 Spring Lake Lancer
2005 Fall No Trip (Roberts Bachelor Party)
2005 Spring Houghton Lake
2004 Fall Pere Marquette (4th trip)
2004 Spring Clear Lake
2003 Fall Lake Lancer
2003 Spring Clear Lake
2002 Fall Pere Marquette (3rd Trip)
2002 Spring Au Sable

Here is where it becomes sketchy…

2001 Fall No Trip this Year (I’m fairly certain of this one)
2001 Spring Pere Marquette (2nd Trip?)
2000 Fall Pere Marquette? (1st trip?)
1999 Fall ??????
1998 Fall Clear Lake
1997 Fall Sage Lake? (Or was this in 1998?)
1996 Fall Clear Lake (This I know for certain)

Help me fill in the blanks (along with who went that year).

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