Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Newbie Joins Fishing Trip

Since you plan on attending our Annual Spring Fishing Trip, you need a primer to bring you up to speed. As a newbie, you will be tested on this before the trip:

  • When Justin says pull my finger, he means it. Remember your laws of physics: for every action there is a reaction.
  • Cheap Beer is a given. Papst, Old Milwaukee, Busch is cool...nothing over Bud Light (unless you are Mark and then you bring Martinis. Don't EVER buy Red White and Blue beer, unless you feel like throwing it at a tree.
  • One of these three things (but not all) will happen to Joe V. on the trip: 1 - He will catch the biggest fish 2-He will catch the most fish 3 He will fall into the water
  • Bring a fishing pole or else you end up arguing with Roberts about the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything.
  • If you need a fishing pole, there is one at the bottom of Clear Lake that belongs to Joey M.
  • Walking home from the Bar does NOT guarentee your will not be pulled over by the police.
  • Watch out for small woodland Creatures. They sometimes lodge in your throat.
  • If you want to catch a fish, you have to put your bait inthe water. Letting it dangle over the edge of the boat, five inches above the water line does not work.
  • Kessler's Kills the HIV. Its a Fact. It also cures hang overs, hang nails and mother-in-laws that hang around too long.
  • You will learn to love Kesslers.
  • One of these things usually happen to Chris on a fishing trip: 1 -He will not catch a fish 2 - He will not catch a fish - 3 He will not catch a fish.
  • Its bad Karma to pee on the concreate oblisk in the middle of the Pere Marquette State Forest.
  • Fear the Okie Bitch Project
  • Old people don't notice when someone pounds on their door, rings their copper bells or shine flashlights into their cottage. However, telephones do wake them up.
  • Making Martinis on the small island is probably not the best way to fish.

This weekend, Dr. Gary answers your questions on Prostate Cancer, and we take a look at tonights loser on American Idol and get Joey VanIdols reaction.

Seacrest OUT!

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