Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Is there a War on Paczki Day?

For generations, Polish peoples have prepared for the beginning of Lent by celebrating Fat Tuesday and cleaning out the pantries to make Paczkis. This day was special and was only celebrated one day out of the year.

Then the tide turned.

This year, weeks before Fat Tuesday, secular stores like Farmer Jacks, Krogers and even foreign socialist coffee shops like Tim Hortons began selling the lard laden treats.

Has this taken away from the significance of Fat Tuesday? When did it become Fat Monday? Or for that matter…Fat February? The Left leaning mass media has gotten into the act by proclaiming that “Everyone is Polish on Paczki Day!”

How would this go over if “Everyone is Jewish on Hannukha” or Everyone is Brazillian on Festa de Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes Porto Allegre Day”. Maybe we should expand it to “Everyone’s Dead on the Feast of the Dead Day.” Not a pretty picture is it? (Look what this trend did to St. Patrick’s Day. Now it’s just an excuse for Michigan males to go get drunk in Chicago and hit on heavy women)

Justin sees this whole commercialization of Holidays as a evil Zionist and PNAC plot. "Its all Bush's Fault", said Justin.

I began to suspect that something might be amiss when places like Dunkin Donuts were selling regular donuts and calling them Paczkis. My suspicions were confirmed when I went there this morning on a fact finding mission and my “Paczki” looked suspiciously like a cruller.

Next year, lets all put the Tuesday back into Fat Tuesday and Paczki Day.

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Chris said...

If it's Thursday, my eyes must be decieving me.
PS I will try to get that thing about jvblogger to you for next week