Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vote No on Proposal 3

Welcome all the anti-hunters that support Michigan's Ban on Dove Hunting. So you are going to Vote No on Proposal 3.


I think that in two years we should petition for a proposal that will allow us to vote to BAN fishing for Brook Trout, Perch and Bluegill.

These fish are not over populated.

There is not sufficient food on one fish for a meal.

Every summer, fishermen catch these small fish and sometimes they swallow the hook. The fish are thrown back into the water and later die.

There is evidence that Catch and Release kills more fish than it saves.

People like to stand on their docks and look at these fish swimming freely in the water. Therefore we should not catch them.

Sometimes hooks fall into the water and rust. Do you REALLY want to go swimming where you could get a rusty hook caught in your foot?

Perch are used to catch bigger fish. Imagine the pain these fish go through.

There are numerous larger fish you can fish for, why catch these small cute species? Nowhere in this proposal are we talking about hunting or other types of fishing.

Fishing is supported by BIG OUTDOORS like out of state companies like Cabelas, Gander Mountain and Bass Pro. None of these stores have their home office in Michigan.

If you vote NO on Proposal 3, then you will HAVE TO VOTE YES to ban these types of fishing when it comes around.

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