Monday, November 06, 2006

Tale of Two Assholes

Welcome to serfers looking for information on Michigan Gubernatorial Candidates Granholm and DeVos.

Sorry, but I am talking about a Chick with two assholes.

No...not Ann Coulter. I said "Chick".

Forzie the four-legged chicken will cluck no more.

The Te Uku-bred Barnevelder chick - hatched at Marlene Dickey's property at the start of last month - has died.

But it wasn't the extra legs that led to its death, more likely an extra anus, Mrs Dickey believes.
"He developed two bottoms and I think he got glugged up," she said.

While she was surprised by Forzie's death - he weighed a "good pound of butter" and was gaining feathers slowly - it was not totally unexpected, she said.
And it was fun while it lasted.

"He was a bit of a laugh."

Looking ungainly on its extra legs but twice as cute, the bird was an exception to the rule that chickens with defects are not normally born alive.

He was found dead on Friday and is now in the Dickeys' freezer waiting to be stuffed.

I Googled "Two Anus Chick", and along with a picture of Ron Mexico, I got this instead:

Gives another meaning to one of our regular features, "The Other Cheek".

Meanwhile, rumors have been flying that the League's only Canadian Franchise may be relocating to the hills of Kentucky. (Someone cue the music from Deliverance) When asked about the potential move, the Hairy Canuck said that he was looking into outsourcing his team to the Billy Bob's Hot Sister/Wife League. Wahwee WeeWah!


The results between the big match up. Yes...I'm talking about Poker Dawgs and the Ronnie Rayguns. Will this be a preview of this year's Blue Hippo Super Bowl?

Till early and often.

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