Thursday, October 01, 2009

Killer Facebook Groups

 Is your baby a Facebook Hater or Lover?

The blog-o-sphere and the media (in their own little world) was all-a-buzz the other day when a poll on Facebook was discovered that asked if President Obama should be assassinated. Before it was removed, 700 people voted.

The Secret Service, we are told, has launched an investigation into who created the poll.   This didn’t stop bloggers and pundits from speculating if this was an outgrowth of the anger from conservatives and "teabaggers" toward the current Administration.  One commenter wrote:
It is truly amazing that no one ever considered doing anything this outrageous or disrespectful to Dubya, who was a much more inept Commander-In-Chief. His education credentials are bonafide, as opposed to Dubya who skated through school on the coattails of his father. And people have the nerve to think this is not racism?
A reader of the Huffington Post declared:  "Glenn Beck is partially responsible for this."

My personal opinion is the creator of the poll is a sock-puppet, phishing for just enough idiots to respond to the poll to deduce that all opposition to President Obama wants him dead. Had any of the reporters or bloggers actually used the search function on Facebook, they would have found several groups on the social networking site dedicated to killing, or wanting the death of, a political leader, particularly the death of one George W. Bush.

This group professes that We all Want To Kill George Bush  It has 427 members and has been on Facebook since 2007.

The "I Bet I Can find 1,000,000 People Who Wanted to Kill Bush Group has only 517 members.  Their description states:
Come on is this how u can share ur feelings about bush..
I think that we dont want to put bush in prison, we dont want to burn him, we dont want him to get burned.
(WE WANT TO SEE HIM FRI TO DEATH)That little basterd

Stating, "LEts kill the fukin guy !!!" (sic) the "I bet i can find more than 200 people hu (sic) wanna SHOOT DOWN GEORGE BUSH" has 64 members and has one of those trendy WANTED: For Crimes Against Humanity posters that you see at campus novelty shops, right next to the I Heart Che T-shirts.

This particular group "If George Bush Wants To End Terrorism, He Should Go Ahead and Kill Himself" doesn't want to personally harm Bush.  What I found interesting about this one was the picture of George Bush as Hitler.  I thought progressives and liberals were all above that sort of thing???

Then I looked up Sarah Palin. Apparently if she had been elected Vice President, there would have been a number of Birkenstock wearing slackers that planned on killing themselves.

Will those group members that "wanted George Bush dead" be subjected to the same Secret Service Investigation that the Obama Assassination Poll creator was?  Why did Facebook act so quickly on a President Obama themed question, yet has left these groups continue to exist for years? Or is it O.K. to want SOME people dead, but not others?

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