Friday, July 07, 2006

I Would Like to Thank Xenu for Making All This Possible

Welcome to Scientology visitors. Have I a deal for you! In honor of the South Park episode ripping your beloved cult...cough...religion being nominated for an Emmy, I am offering you a special deal on a new "religion".


Its the SAME as Scientology...only cheaper. Send me only $1,000. (that's nearly $99,000 off the Hubbard price!!!!) You get everything that Scientology offers, including a list of really weird names to call your kid. How about Phlem? That one's a freebee just for signing up today.

Plus, you can quit at any time! We won't make you stay in a hotel in Clearwater for days without water and let you be bitten by cockroaches or refuse to take you to the nearest hospital.

Call Now!!!!

Well, well, well.....The Emmy nominations came out yesterday and what comedy series garnered FOUR mentions?

Which at this writing was still cancelled and NOT picked up by Showtime.

  • Best Comedy Series
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
  • Best Writing for a Comedy Series
  • Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy

I hope they win at least one statue so they can take it and show it up the arse of FOX Entertainment Executives.

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