Thursday, June 16, 2005

It was time for another upgrade.

When I first started The Hippo's Ass, it was a simple two page newsletter for the members of the Blue Hippo Fantasy Football League.

Remember the first edition of The HA? One font style; no pictures? Stories were actually centered around a rag tag group of Fantasy Football team owners?

Then we upgraded to the popular format that include pictures, weird font styles, Ask Dr. Gary and more...

Eventually this led to The Hippo's Ass: The Movie ; starring Jim Carey as Mark, Ving Rames as Justin and David Faustino as Okie.

Sadly...The movie won the coveted Razzie award for worst movie, beating out the twelve hour mega-epic The Turbulant Love Life of Joe

Now in our sixth year, we begin a new era of The Hippo's Ass.

You will still see your old favorites...Ask Dr. Gary, Top Ten Lists, Questions of the Week, Grooming techniques of the poor and infamous, gratuitous pot-shots at people we don't like, Kessler's moments...and finally, if we get around to it, we will actually talk about Fantasy Football.

As always, I'm accepting admissions from other league owners (or should that be excepting?) Hopefully with this new format I'll be able to update the HA more often and write more content. (Right...and George Lucas writes great dialogue for love scenes)

And since this is now on the web, I bit a hearty welcome to those of you who have stumbled on this site, even if you accidently did so because you put the word "ASS" in Google. Sorry. No Hippo Porn here. But you are welcome to stay awhile and enjoy. (But if you came here because you put George Lucas Ass in Google...Take your Boba Fett under-roos wearing butt out of here and find somewhere else to go. Yoda Under-roos are ok.)

Now, with a new season on the horizon I'm sure we are all wondering the same thing...WHERE IS OUR DAMN MONEY, COMMISH!?!?!?!



Anonymous said...

Oh the horror!

I nominate McCall for 2005 Comish!


songofthong said...

McCall for commish that would be a disaster. I nominate Hal. He ran the HMWHC well for years on end. He is a born leader.

Chris said...

I'm not paying for this shit either

The Husband said...

Save the Date!!!

Robert's Bachelor Party is Saturday September 17 to Sunday September 18.

We'll be heading up North to Sugar Springs (Thanks Dave) for some golf, some drinking, some bon fire and some more drinking. We'll Stop someplace on the way up to catch the UofM game before playing 18 holes of golf. We'll then settle into Randy's cabin on the lake, fire up the grill, cook some grub and enjoy a night of drinking around the camp fire.

Car Pool leaves 10:00 AM Saturday, September 17th!

More details to come...

The Hippos Ass said...


Chris said...